Ideal World: Isobel Mahon's Latest Play

26 Feb 2024 - 16 Mar 2024 The Viking Theatre

Check out the new play by Isobel Mahon, "Ideal World." It's a lighthearted comedy starring Isobel, Donagh Deeney, and Rose Henderson.

Meet Merce, a woman in her fifties dealing with her mother's recent passing by immersing herself in IDEAL WORLD, a TV shopping channel. Despite disapproval from her sister, Alice, Merce finds comfort in this virtual escape.

Things take a turn, however, when Merce meets Ted, an awkward widower, at a Bereavement Survivors Support group. Together, they set out to uncover a long-kept secret, prompting both to step out of their comfort zones for a shot at happiness.

Shows run at the Viking Theatre nightly at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are €20, and there's no Sunday performance.