Heritage Week Walking Tours

20 Aug 2016 - 20 Aug 2016 Circular Shelter, West of Clontarf Baths, Clontarf Promenade

In celebration of Heritage Week 2016 (20-28 August) DCC have organised a series of free walking tours to Celebrate Volume I of 'More than concrete blocks', led by Ellen Rowley and researchers Merlo Kelly, Natalie De Roiste and Carole Pollard. 

One of the tours, led by Carole Pollard, explores the origins of the Clontarf Promenade, the iconic wind shelters and the Bull Wall kiosks and bathing shelters, to the modernist houses on the Clontarf Road. It will uncover the story behind the development of the Clontarf promenade, taking in the ‘Sunshine’ houses on Clontarf Road and continue along the Bull Wall, which literally changed the shape of Dublin Bay, recounting how early twentieth-century bathing culture impacted on Dublin’s northside suburbs


This walk begins at 11am, meeting at the circular shelter just beside the Clontarf Baths (on the Fairview side of the baths). It is a free event and does not require any booking, and as well as that, attendees will be given a voucher to purchase a copy of the book 'More than concrete blocks' book at a reduced price from Four Courts Press.

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