Duffy's Circus is coming to town!

15 Jul 2013 - 15 Jul 2013 Clontarf Road

Over the past three centuries Duffy’s Circus has seen amazing audiences throughout Ireland. Patrick James Duffy, a shoemaker from Dublin, developed a love for foreign circuses visiting Ireland. After learning various circus skills he became a famous acrobat and his son John started his own circus, the John Duffy Circus. John had three sons - John, Tom and James. It was from James that Duffy’s Circus developed into what it is today.

The present day sees Tom Duffy’s as a traditional Circus with a modern twist. Three generations of the Duffy family are now on tour with the Circus Tom, now 83, his son David and Grandsons Tom and Jamie. Despite predictions that Circus would lose popularity with the introduction of television, video games and the internet Tom Duffy’s Circus is more popular than ever with more than 160,000 people visiting a performance of Tom Duffy’s Circus in 2011.

You can book online now at www.duffyscircus.com or at ticketmaster. There will also be a booking office on site.