Dollymount Beach Cleanup

21 Apr 2018 - 21 Apr 2018 Dollymount Strand
Time: We start work at 11:00a.m. so please try to arrive 15 minutes early.
Place: We meet at the entrance to Dollymount Strand, just past Royal Dublin Golf Club and beside the Happy Out Café.
Google map: for location.
By Bus: Take the Route 130 bus from Lower Abbey Street. 
Bus Stop: Get off at the Wooden Bridge - ask the bus driver - and then walk for five minutes onto the island.
Duration: Two hours.
Equipment: Litter pickers, bag hoops, rubbish bags, and gloves are provided.
Work areas: The beach, sand dunes, inner shore, and the causeway, if we have enough volunteers.Dublin City Council provides a tractor and trailer, plus a driver, to remove and dispose of the litter we collect. The Dublin Port Company provides us with litter-picking equipment. 
Check the weather and tide information for Saturday below. Dress according to the conditions expected but be sure to wrap up well and bring a waterproof jacket - just in case! Sunscreen is advisable. Sturdy footwear and thick socks are essential and rubber boots are always a good idea. 
Please try to persuade a friend or a family member to join you. The more volunteers we have, the greater the amount of work that we can do. 
I hope to see you all on Saturday.
Donal - 087 688 7468          
p.s. Please join 'Bull Island Action Group' on Facebook and "Share" this event with your friends. Thanks!
Partly cloudy with no rain forecast. There will be a gentle breeze of 4m/s from the south southeast. 
The temperature is forecast to be 7 C. It will be quite cool.
Low Water will be at 9:50a.m. Height 0.8m.
High Water will be at 16:37p.m. Height 3.7m.