Clontarf Historical Society upcoming talk

09 Sep 2013 - 09 Sep 2013 Parish Resource Centre, Clontarf Road

Titled 'The Theatre Royal remembered', it is an illustrated talk by Conor Doyle.

Conor's talk is a trip down memory lane remembering Dublin's much-loved and long-lost theatre.

He has been researching the history of the Theatre Royal for several years and his talk is based on the memories, photographs, songs, music and stories of the Irish and international performers who have appeared on this famous stage - the biggest theatre in Europe at the time!

Conor has trawled the Irish Film Archives, Irish Theatre Archives, BBC Archive and the Lancaster University Theatre Archives, interviewed Sean Connery, Maureen Haughey, Val Doonican, Patricia Cahill, Dec Cluskey of the Bachelors, family and friends of members of the Royal Company along with the famous Roylettes and probably more importantly – Dubliners who frequented The Royal - accumulating information about the theatre.

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