Clontarf Historical Society upcoming talk

08 Dec 2013 - 08 Dec 2013 Parish Resource Centre, Clontarf Road

The Realt na Mara (Queen of the Sea) memorial at the end of the Bull Wall is a prominent landmark on the north Cast of Dublin Bay and can be seen by those entering or leaving Dublin Port, and those who frequent the Bull Wall or the local beaches. It was intended to be a tribute to Our Lady, Mother of God.

Bill Nelson’s talk traces the history of the memorial from a suggestion that emanated from a retreat for dockers in Roebuck Retreat Centre, Dublin, in 1950 to the formation of a committee comprising mainly of Dublin Port Union members and to its completion in 1972 

Bill Nelson is the grandson of the original honorary treasurer of the committee, William Nelson, who acted in that capacity throughout the 22 years of the project. been studying the proposed meeting, where it was to take place, the local priests who were involved, and many other aspects relating to it.