Back Live @ The Viking Theatre

07 Jan 2019 - 19 Jan 2019 Viking Theatre @ Conolly's the Sheds, 198 Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin. 3

Back Live, a witty and edgy tale of three ordinary lives beset by bruising banter and backstories runs at the Viking Theatre Clontarf from Monday 7th to Saturday 19th January. Tickets are €15 and can be booked by calling or texting 087-1129970. Box office hours 10.30 am – 7.30 pm Mon-Sat. All shows start at 8 pm (unless otherwise stated). Doors open at 7.45.

Performed by Gary Cooke, Andrew Murray & David Fennelly. Written & directed by Gary Brown. Back Live is the first play by Gary Brown, a Dublin native who has spent a long and very successful career in Advertising and Marketing.

Back Live is a story of banter and slagging and how it permeates our culture, but sometimes the banter can be bruising and the slagging can lead to unexpected places.

Gino and Les are two drinking buddies who have a lot in common, they both fancy themselves as men of the world. Jason the young barman, and son of the pub owner looks up to them, but what goes on behind their mask of outward banter and bravado? What lurks behind their happy go lucky breezy attitude to life?. Is there anything in life that is sacred or is everything up for grabs, can their slagging go anywhere or are there boundaries they shouldn’t cross?

Can young Jason keep up with their constant repartee or will he fall behind and feel marginalised. Young Jason has a lot going on in his own life and can he compete in this funny and sometimes hostile environment?

Set in a pub the language of the characters is very real and funny with sometimes a very edgy side to it. The cast of three, an ex-docker, a postman and a young barman have a series of lively and witty exchanges, but where does it all lead to?.