Parenting Boys for Success at School - a talk by Joseph Driessen

13 Oct 2011 - 13 Oct 2011 Belgrove Girls School Hall, Seafield Road
About Joseph Driessen: - Joseph is a leading International Educator specialising in Boys’ Education and is based in New Zealand. - Frequent Speaker at National and International Teacher Conferences about Boys’ Education. Some topics covered: - Why challenges and goals are so important for boys - What boys will read, and why this is so - How to make homework part of your son’s life - How to provide structure and help your son to lift his achievement - Mothers’ mentoring skills for their sons - Essential parenting skills for fathers - How to strengthen you son’s masculine identity and self confidence - Relationship building with sons - How to do it, and how not to do it - How to provide balanced parenting by split families - What to do if your son is not doing well at school - 7 sure ways to solve problems at school