The promenade is a place of outstanding beauty in the context of Dublin as a whole, offering spectacular views south to Dublin Bay and the Wicklow mountains; east to the infinite possibilities of the Irish Sea and west to the City Centre.

This is a 3km stretch which is on average 40 metres wide which runs from the bottom of the Alfie Byrne Road up to the Wooden Bridge. The promenade offers spectacular views across Dublin Bay. There is a pedestrian pathway that runs along the sea wall and it is perfect for a summer stroll which then turns into a bracing walk during the winter.

The promenade is also well used by joggers who either use the pathway or choose the softer terrain of the grassed area of the promenade.

Exercise machines are also scattered at various points for hardy souls looking for more punishment.

The promenade is unique not only for the number of visitors it attracts but also for the frequency of these visits. It is the preferred seaside destination for many Dublin citizens who live in the surrounding areas and those living in the City Centre with many visiting on a very regular basis.