The business listings area is available to businesses that are trading from a retail, office, industrial or residential space in the area of Clontarf. If the relevant business category has no sponsor listing already from within the catchment area, advertising will be made available to businesses outside the boundaries of Clontarf.

Businesses that list on the website while trading from Clontarf but who subsequently move their trading address to outside of Clontarf will be removed from the website. No refund will be offered for any unused subscription period.

The Clontarf Residents’ Association, the Clontarf Business Association & Together Digital reserve the right to remove a business from the listings area if they believe that the business in question is not acting in the best interests of website subscribers.

Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to; misleading advertising, fraudulent activity, reckless trading or acting against the best interests of local residents. The decision of the parties will be considered final and is not subject to appeal.