We welcome the support of local businesses who would like to advertise on our site. Advertising is currently available to businesses who trade in the Clontarf area unless the relevant category has no sponsor listing already from within the catchment area.

Advertising options will be available in limited areas on both the website and the newsletter. Rates will be clearly defined and are not subject to negotiation. Volume-based discounts will apply in most instances. For example, if an advertising businesses owns more than one business:

  • 2nd business is free.
  • 3rd and subsequent businesses pay 50% of the fee paid by first business.
  • Ad ‘Impressions’ (for Sponsors listings only) are shared across all businesses i.e. if two businesses, they get 50% of ad share each.

Patronage and section title sponsorship spaces are available to businesses who are already listed on the website as Sponsors. In the event that these spaces are not booked within 1 week of them becoming available, they will be then offered to businesses that list under the Standard package.

Spaces, where available, will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. An email confirmation will be required to book a particular space. Following an email confirmation, spaces will be held for 48 hours to allow for payment to be received. Failure to make appropriate payment will result in the business losing the booked space.

There is a further listing option available to members of the Clontarf Business Association. This is a free but limited category listing that only shows business name and address. It does not include a link to an actual business page or a backlink to the website of the business

These clauses are inserted in order to ensure that the advertising opportunities on the website are offered in a fair and transparent manner to all businesses who list on the website.