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Who Are We

The Clontarf Business Association is a group of likeminded business owners located in the suburb of Clontarf who have come together to support one anothers businesses, develop their businesses further through networking and knowledge sharing and add value to their businesses through active promotion and affinity schemes.

What Do We Do

  • Networking Opportunities with monthly networking events
  • Opportunity for knowledge sharing through expert talks
  • Active lobbying group on issues of relevance and importance to our members by becoming a single voice for all members
  • Active promotion of products and services of our members through www.loveclontarf.ie, Twitter and Facebook
  • Active ongoing engagement with the local community and the local residents association (CRA) on issues of relevance and importance to our members
  • Permanent member of the Joint Working Group on the development of Clontarf Promenade and Flood Defence Scheme

Our Goals

  • Establish our affinity programme and member to member discount scheme
  • Establish ourselves as one of the most influential business groups in the Dublin region through our ongoing relationships with the local area office of DCC and local elected representatives
  • Host monthly informal networking meetings and other events
  • Successfully organise the Clontarf Christmas Tree Lighting event in December

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our members in Clontarf by building strong relationships between our members, the local community and local elected representatives through social networking, community interaction and active lobbying on key issues of interest to our members and also by offering a range of tools to help Clontarf businesses develop and promote their products and services both locally and beyond.

The Clontarf Business Association is seeking new members.

The Association continues to further expand to cater for all local businesses in Clontarf. This year the CBA plan to expand the Association and offer even more advantages to their members.

There are over 300 businesses located in the area of Clontarf and the CBA would welcome applications from all businesses, whether you are a sole trader or larger business.

Click here for details on the Association.

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